Thursday, February 18, 2010


When a person feels as if they have an exclusive connection with another a lot of emotions are simply expected and accepted as understood and mutually held. When things get scrutinized all the variances are then laid bare and can be explained if patience is held with a desire to know. At times it was easy and simply an obvious extraction, all that was good was true.

Time and separation dull all sharp definitions. Clear paths get overgrown, set goals change, new challenges replace old difficulties and time marches onward. Reconnection becomes relearning, both identities must know and care enough to demonstrate what was done and what is still held as truth are in line with what was the original commitment in spirit, in the heart, in friendship.

Sometimes waiting is imposed from without, circumstances eliminate the choices. Sometimes waiting is within, the heart cant get out of its own way.
A true heart will remain in that state indefinitely.

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