Thursday, May 06, 2010

Some People Have Nothing Better to do

I had a blogging friend who went through a similar episode with a reader who continued to come back and make dumb ass comments. Adding nothing to the topic but contrary provocations. I posted a few of the comments in hope to illuminate this person into moving on and seeing that while i read the comments I don't understand them or the reason to keep coming back to me and my little blog site. I write stuff that interests me and don't need an off site editor at large. I neither try nor care if I am politically, grammatically, or interestingly correct. These are all random things that could interest a friend or a family member or just get it out of my own system. Someday I will look back on the entirety of what I have written and what? Just remember what was going on back then...

So if my little friend had something to say personally I would hope they would leave a way for me to see to that.

Otherwise enjoy, and now I guess I have a new angle to write toward. And that is the perspective that idiots are also reading this and gears are slipping inside teeny tiny brains.

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