Friday, February 18, 2011

Self Preservation

Its time to say good bye. The end of an era. For 12 years now I lived on that street. I will miss the little things like the projects I wasn't able to finish, the trees I planted will just grow on without my admiration, and not seeing my children finish growing up here is certainly not how I planned my future when I first moved in.

I got to see change, and some good knowledge came and I grew as a self sufficient human being by leaps and bounds. I goofed up and lost some ground, too, so I will never make some of these mistakes again I am sure.

I lived at this residence longer than I lived anywhere in my whole life, so I feel like there was a sense of great stability and I grew so much in so many ways. Where I am being led is a great mystery right now, the once great State of California can barely contain me anymore. If this was not where my business was created and my best chance to make decent money I would be long long gone.

I have been praying a lot that I move only in a direction that God would have me go. I won't stop praying until I feel I am home again and then my prayer will no longer be for wondering but thanking the Supreme Lord that He got me to go where He wants me to be.

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