Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Death of NewsPrint

I just got done watching a Frontline special on the status of Print Journalism and all the trials and tribulations they are facing. It seems grave with the internet taking so many people away, and yet the internet is dependent on print journalists to some extent to do the legwork on stories and getting the information out there for Bloggers to disseminate. And to give the Yahoo's and Googles their content.
It is a catch 22 for them for sure, because they are behind the curve, and the internet will figure out a way to make everything work. But I think I can sum up what is wrong at the L.A. Times, The Sacramento Bee, The New York Times, and just about any other newsprint operation. If they want people to come back and receive their papers and like them, there is only one thing they have to do. Cut out the Liberal slanting that is so obvious and just report the facts. Eliminate the Agenda reporting and veiled bias. That will help save your Newspapers. If it's already not too late, we will come back.

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