Monday, February 19, 2007

Sometimes a Leader Has to Lead

The consensus leader of the Free World is probably going to be the President of the United States, I don't think anybody could argue with that. That is not supposition or Fantasy, it is fact. Maybe it would be easier to be an American in the World at Large if this were not so. But it is one of the responsibilities that our Lone Superpower status has bestowed upon US. Our other elections are vital on the world stage, too. Just as every new leader in every Democratic Election in the world changes the dynamic for the Global Situation, with the US electing the most powerful elected leader in the Free World, there is an incalculable gravity assigned to this task. The President, as Commander in Chief, has the responsibility to assess threats and make decisions based on preserving our sovereignty and vitality. There can be no usurpation of this responsibility by Congress and Senators who were not elected to fulfill those duties. Every voter should think twice(or three times) about all the decisions they will require of their Highest Elected Official. Like who will be put on the Supreme Court, what agenda will be pursued(vetoed), how we will defend our country, and who receives pardon. There are no do-overs in elections, or wars. When we elect a new President of the United States for better or worse we are electing the most powerful person on the Planet, if only for a short time.
Many wannabe lone superpower Nation/States take umbrage at this notion, disqualifying themselves from the unbiased Critical School of American Hegemony. We do want to do well in the world , but to do well without sinning. At least thats what we should want for all our trouble. There will always be some who like strife for strifes sake, but think of all the Little Old Grannies and Grandpa's out there, that is also the face of America.
Every President probably had one defining moment, at least, in their term in office that was a culmination of all their dreams and aspirations and what they had actually caused to happen. Some were probably on the good side of the ledger and some, not so good. What is now being portrayed as Bush's War in Iraq probably falls into such a catagory for Him and US. The President believed installing a Democracy in the Heart of the Totalitarian Middle East could change the way all the players over there do business. It could also blow up into a Regional War where the US is not better off because of it. The Lord works in mysterious ways, though, and I am sure His will is being done in this whether Bush knows it or not, whether we know it or not. Sometimes to do great things, people have to take great chances. Playing it safe would have never gotten US here, alive in the 21st Century, with awesome technology, and a chance to serve our fellow Man.
Through God all things are possible, Thank You Jesus.

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