Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Dog Squad

Big: Gus
Medium: Joey
Small: Bob
These Guys can get the job done. Rats Cats Small Rodents
Our "A" Team
Just kidding they would only hurt a Flea or a Fly or Mosquito


Olivia said...

I like your dogs. I have a beautiful pit bull and a small shar pei. There are charming.

Regards friend :)

JohnnyT. said...

I saw your dogs at your blog and that kind of re-inspired me to this idea of cartoon dog Superheroes What do you think of the Dog Team concept? Fighting crime or righting wrongs in the backyard. I may have a few ideas to post with these guys.
Your Dogs look sweet, even the Pit-Bull.

Olivia said...

The dogs not only are pets, also they save lives. They understand us and they would give his life for his owners ... it we do not do it of equal way.

My pit-bull is sweet, sweet, sweet...I love my Kina.

Excuse my english, not if I express well.