Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus was Black?

I never knew that. Not that it would really matter, but I thought He was Jewish. Possibly Ethiopian? Perhaps. Divisions abound when we are talking about events 2,000 years ago. I love the way Obama has chosen to transcend race in our country. I wonder if He chose to be the One before He chose His Church and Pastor? Or maybe it all just fell into place, under the guidance and Tuteledge of one Jeremiah Wright. We will have to Read Barack's next book to figure that one out I guess. The connections to Black Liberation Communist Theology should scare the Hell out of the lefties, but Maybe Barack will let them sit on his Board of Race Relations. If Obama can pull off this Hoax of a Candidacy I will be very afraid for our Nation as a Whole. The divisions will be so many. The ability to correct will be minimized. Beware of wolves in Sheep's clothing.

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