Monday, December 27, 2010

Truth be Told

I know in my recent past I have let the frustration of things not going the way I dreamed get the best of me. Somehow, in spite of trying to bludgeon reality into the small space I created for it, I still got to see the light and shape a small section right. Everything in my life up to this very point I know has brought me where I am now. On the verge of understanding God better, people better, life better and even what my purpose is. This life is not ours just to try and enjoy material comfort, material things and material actions. We are spirit souls and the supreme Lord is calling us back home.
We listen but do we hear?
We want to hear but do we want to do?
Who knows how long it takes to get it right.
Gods has infinite patience with his children, and an infinite capacity to love us until we get it right.
Thank God for that.

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